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Our Story

The Briddell Family Foundation was established in September of 2001 by Kwanza J. Briddell and Shukura N. (Briddell) Ellison as the Briddell Family Scholarship Fund.  Its mission at that time was singular, to aid the descendants of George and Martha Briddell in their quest to higher education.  The meager beginnings of the Foundation supplied scholarships to students from the monies collected from 50/50 raffles and the annual Briddell Family Day church service offerings. 

Overtime the Scholarship Fund grew and began giving out school supplies at the beginning of each school year.  In 2013 the program was revamped.  The name was changed from Briddell Family Scholarship Fund to Briddell Family Foundation.  It became a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, began its Partners in Education Campaign and opened its membership to members of the community. 

The Briddell Family Foundation has existed solely on donations and the contributions of time and talent given by its members and volunteers.

Since its inception the Briddell Family Foundation has operated with a focus on giving back and helping others. 

Keeping with this tradition of serving others the Foundation has expanded its educational focus to include a Reading is FUNdamental program focused on promoting reading and literacy among children and adults.  A humanitarian program was created to keep the areas of the historical Briddletown clean by hosting community clean up events.  The Foundation also seeks to continue serving the community with its benevolent service to supply meals to the community during the holidays and other times throughout the year.

In addition to the Briddell Legacy Scholarships that the Foundation has offered over the years the membership has increased its services to offer a second scholarship that is open to members of the community without the requirement of family lineage held with the original scholarship program.

The Briddell Family Foundation is currently comprised of a diverse  membership which includes community and student members, elected and appointed officers and its directors.  Officers are elected and serve for two-year terms and many have continued to serve for several consecutive terms. The directors, officers and members actively participate in Foundation events and are committed to developing programs and partnering with businesses and community organizations which will assist in achieving its mission to help students be prepared for life outside the classroom and becoming the next generation of individuals ready, willing and able to pass on the tradition of family unity and community involvement.

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